Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Storm Day #3

"'s it coming on those New Year's Resolutions, eh?"

I know that's what everyone is thinking. Well guess what? WE COMPLETED ONE. Maybe even two.

January and February have been slow and snow-filled. We've been very content to cuddle up and do mostly nothing as we watch the snow cover the car and driveway, forcing us to stay in pyjamas and sink deeper into the couch. I've been hard at work on Resolution Three, which was to not ruin the coffee anymore, and I'm happy to say that all desires to perk up the coffee with a little cinnamon have been subdued. However, I'm still allowed to add things to my own cup, like eggnog, once the brewing is complete.

Every once in a while, however, there's a nice day and we (well, TJ...) hop out of our jammies and start doing things like chopping wood and being lumberjacks.

Luckily, Shane and his crew don't seem to be pyjama people and they've also been busy at work. They took care of New Year's Resolution Two, which was NO MORE HOLES IN THE WALL. That's right, our balcony off of the upstairs bathroom now has a door. Now TJ is one step closer to his dream of putting a barbeque up there so he can step out of the shower and directly towards a hot dog. As soon as we scrape off all the paint, put up a new railing, repaint and he's able to convince me to pull a barbeque up the staircase, his dream will become reality. I'm thinking it will probably be somewhere between never, and still never. I am a firm believer in the rule of no barbeques on the second storey. Unless he can get it there by himself.

So now we have to work on Resolution One: Fix the back hall. It's still looking as terrible as ever, if not even more, because that's where we just toss everything that currently does not have a place.

"Where does this empty box go?"
"Dunno....back hall?"

"Where do I put the leftover dry wall?"
"Dunno....back hall."

"Where is this dresser going to go?"
"Erm....back hall...."

"Where will your parents stay when they come to visit?"
"Back hall."

(Just kidding parents, we now have two guest rooms...with beds!)

So. Anyone out there willing to help us accomplish Resolution One? I'll bake you cookies....or chili!

(I took multiple photos of the chili and this is as appetizing as it gets....)