Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another thing crossed off the list...

So it turns out that after a terrible start, we really DID end up painting the laundry room! Of course, it took much longer than one Sunday afternoon (who knew that painting over pine boards with grooves required more than just rolling on the paint, it also required filling in EVERY SINGLE GROOVE with a teensy little paintbrush? Not us!) but it finally gone done. And there are pictures to prove it! TJ said I was taking too long getting around to writing a blog post and uploading said pictures though, so he took care of it. So now let me present to you "Painting the Laundry Room: A Blog Entry" by Terence John McGeown. (sidenotes by Victoria K. Coulson). He wrote it on April 13th, sent it to me on April 18th, and I am now finally uploading it on April 28th. A very timely fashion.

S'pose it's about time we stuck another aul' update on here, just in case yous think we're complete slackers.

After a few weeks of trying to do everything, everywhere at the same time and a lot of distraction from unattended projects, we decided we’d better just focus on one room at a time. Defintootly a good plan and already paying off.

Behold, the laundry! Tremble at the sight of its merciless wood panel. 

Quake in fear at the rotted window of doom! (The bottom of the windowframe was made of caulk when we moved in. It had to be literally sliced open to allow the window to open. No joke.)

But fear thee not intrepid readers, for the wood panel has been conquered, the rotten window slain.

Not much craic painting the beast, all those grooves make rolling pretty ineffective. Nonetheless we slowly but surely got the whole place primed.

 Two coats of colour later (over them bloody grooves again) and with the trim done to match the main section of the house, the place looks miles better.

(Sidenote from Victoria: So I've come to realize that we're really good at taking pictures of the process of renovation, but really bad at taking pictures of how everything looks when we're all done. I blame this on the fact that we're completely exhausted and cranky by the time we've fixed everything up, so we usually throw all the paint cans down into the basement and stomp back to the couch. Which is exactly what we did in this case. No lovely pictures of how tidy and clean everything looked when we were done, no, instead you get a camera phone picture of what the laundry room looks like now, 2 weeks after everything was finished and now covered in all of the random things we threw in there to get the next room cleaned out and ready. I hope you enjoy.)

A brand new window! And....

Painted walls! Hmmm. So this is a little anti-climatic. It looked a lot better without all of our stuff in there.  But at least it's starting to look a little nicer. We're waiting on the builders to arrive and make us a surround and countertop for the washer and dryer, as well as a wall of cupboards to hide the old window frame above.

Now back to TJ:

We're not done here yet though. Not by a long shot. Next we needed somewhere to kick aff our boots. Maybe somewhere to hang bags and set stuff down.

[Enter Pinterest, stage left]

So, we shamelessly nicked an idea off the internets and made another bargain flea market buy, a twin sized headboard and footboard. To the workshop we go. Turns out there was some very nice wood under all the paint, but some damage near the top. No bother for us though, repainting was already on the cards. Scraped, sanded, primed, then off to Dr Teejenstein for surgery. Cut a bit off here, stick a bit on there, Bob's yer auntie. It was taking shape now. The secret ingredient definitely wasn't just a really old shelf from the basement sanded down and stained. A wee lick o' paint, few nuts and bolts, lo and behold.....we have a bench.

Yeah, it's a wee bit wonky and someone else did all the hard bits but I'm proud of it all the same 

So there's the tale of our laundry room. Stay tuned for our next venture, the back hall. Remember this? It was one of our New Years Resolutions. And we're really doing it! We've even cleared it all out and everything:

We'll be getting new walls, a new ceiling and my personal favourite, a new pantry! Then the room will finally be ready for my even more personal favourite - a puppy! Just imagine a comfy little doggie bed in the back corner...

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

Test drive

I'm testing out a new way to post to our blog - from my iPhone! If this works, my mind will be blown and I can say to my grade two self, "self, you were totally correct in thinking that some day your poor fingers would get a break from all the writing they were required to do because one day computers really would take care of everything!" Sadly, that argument didn't work in grade two and my teacher didn't see any value in my plan where I would be allowed to go to the library and play Oregon Trail instead of practicing my handwriting. Anyway, here is the finished product of my thrift store mirror makeover: