Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Five days and counting...

We've owned our little house for five days now. It seems like much, much longer. I can't believe the work that's already been done. The people that know me know that I'm incredibly impatient, and I'm terrible at waiting. I want things to happen right away. I really thought that the first few days of home ownership would be an excruciating waiting period where we sat around pondering what to do, who to call, how to plan, etc.

Nope. None of that whatsoever.

We got stuck into the renovation business right away. First, we had to clear out the leftovers and then move our treasures into the sunporch. As soon as that was done, the first order of business was taking out the carpets.

Basically, TJ did all the work and I stood around taking pictures. In my defence, the sweet lady who lived there previously really loved her cats, and those cats really loved the carpet, and this was an incredibly sneezy job, one made even more sneezy by my ridiculous cat allergy. Carpet came up in the living room, den, upstairs hall, and all three bedrooms.

The aftermath varied from decent (as shown in the staircase section), to woohoo (as shown in bottom right as TJ discovers beautiful hardwood), to oh crap (as shown in top right with a photo of the disintegrated foam from the carpet in the master bedroom, which created its own carpet over a modpodge of plywood, glue, oil cloth, glue, masonite, glue, and more glue).

We focused on the woohoo bit, and immediately fell in love with the floor in the main hall, living room and den. We couldn't believe the great condition of the hardwood. I'm sure the 3+ hours TJ took removing every single staple and finishing nail was totally worth it. Again, I was taking photos. And pointing out the staples he missed. I know he appreciated my invaluable assistance.

On closer inspection of these photos, I think I see a few more staples....


  1. The hardwood is gorgeous! Can't wait to see more transformations unfold.

  2. Thanks Ambsy! Come over soon and see it in person, xoxoxo!