Monday, April 1, 2013

Test drive

I'm testing out a new way to post to our blog - from my iPhone! If this works, my mind will be blown and I can say to my grade two self, "self, you were totally correct in thinking that some day your poor fingers would get a break from all the writing they were required to do because one day computers really would take care of everything!" Sadly, that argument didn't work in grade two and my teacher didn't see any value in my plan where I would be allowed to go to the library and play Oregon Trail instead of practicing my handwriting. Anyway, here is the finished product of my thrift store mirror makeover:


  1. that is actually quite lovely! Congratulations, and well done! I should get you to do thrift store shopping and rehabilitation for me...

  2. how fun would it be to do this for a living? just visit thrift stores, fix things up and then send them on to someone else? i need a workshop. maybe I can kick TJ out of the basement? ha ah...