Sunday, November 24, 2013

The One With The Before And After Photos...

The day has finally come! I think every house blogger, whether professional or pathetically amateur (such as ourselves), starts their blog just to get to this moment. Yes, that's right, it's finally time to see the "after" photos! Well, not the complete after, maybe more so the "middle" photos. There's still some renovations to do, but as we mentioned before, we're now a year into owning our home and are pretty proud of how far it's come since that day last August when we walked in the door. The change has been pretty awesome. It's been a lot of work and sweat, but thankfully, not as many tears as we thought! We definitely couldn't have done this without the help of our families, in particular, my dad and my brother in law, Shane. So thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who has showed up to knock out walls, put up walls, sand walls, wash walls, paint walls, or look at walls. We'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has been following our little blog. We love hearing all of the comments from readers, and we hope to keep the blog going as long as we can, so please, keep following! 

BEFORE: Back Porch

AFTER: Mud/Laundry Room

What was done: New flooring, hookups put in for washer, dryer and laundry sink, new appliances, walls and ceiling painted, cabinets installed, one new window installed, new light fixture, electric heater installed, surround for washer/dryer started, door flipped around on hinges, bench built. 
Still to do: Finish building surround for washer and dryer, install countertop, build cubbies along the wall, backsplash behind washer/dryer, blind for windows facing neighbours, new back door at some point.

BEFORE: Back Hall

AFTER: Back Hall

What was done: Sub floor installed, new flooring, sink and surround ripped out, ceilings torn down and raised, pine panelling installed, new light fixtures, attic hatch moved over and widened, counter built over radiator, pantry rebuilt.
Still to do: paint walls and ceiling, built doors for pantry, eventually replace window.

BEFORE: Back Porch #2

AFTER: Reading Porch

What was done: Intense cleaning, light fixture installed.
Still to do: Paint, replace windows, possibly install a radiator and try to winterfy it a little.

BEFORE: Downstairs Bathroom

AFTER: Downstairs Bathroom

What was done: New flooring, plastic tile removed from walls, new fixtures, electric radiator installed, everything painted, ventilation fan installed, new light fixture, high tech locking device installed.
Still to do: Possibly paint the cabinet a different colour

BEFORE: Kitchen

AFTER: Kitchen

What was done: Basically, everything gutted. Sub floor installed, new flooring, back wall torn down and insulation put in, walls and ceiling gyprocked, wainscotting installed, backsplash, new lighting fixtures, new windows, new cabinets, new countertop, new appliances, everything painted!
Still to do: Paint the trim around window, touch up trim in a few places, paint radiator and pipes.

BEFORE: Dining Room

AFTER: Dining Room

What was done: Tiles ripped out, sub floor installed, sub floor ripped out, hardwood floor refinished, wainscotting put up, new window installed, light fixture moved from living room, new ceiling, everything painted.
Still to do: Refinish the dining room set we have in storage, move thermostat from living room (which TJ is attempting as I type this....will keep you all updated.....)

BEFORE: Main Hallway

AFTER: Main Hallway

What was done: Carpet ripped up, pipes replaced and built around, new ceiling, floors refinished, new light fixture and medallion, everything painted.
Still to do: Paint radiator

BEFORE: Guest Entry

 AFTER: Guest Entry

What was done: Subfloor installed, new flooring, new light fixture, everything painted.
Still to do: Tear down wall and rebuild, new door, new floor.

BEFORE: Living Room

AFTER: Living Room

What was done: Carpets pulled up, floors refinished, new windows installed, wall behind fireplace torn down and rebuilt, fireplace tiling redone, new ceiling, new light fixtures, everything repainted.
Still to do: Radiators and pipes painted, wood insert repainted, thermostat moved.

BEFORE: Sunporch

AFTER: Sunporch

What was done: Floors refinished, new ceiling
Still to do: Paint walls and ceiling, possibly replace windows one day far, far down the road

 BEFORE: Upstairs Hallway

AFTER: Upstairs Hallway

What was done: Carpets pulled up, holes patched, new ceiling, floors refinished, new light fixture, everything painted
Still to do: Attic hatch painted, some seamfilling redone, bannister sanded and refinished

BEFORE: First Bedroom

AFTER: First Bedroom

What was done: Carpets pulled up, floors refinished, everything painted
Still to do: Paint radiator, paint inside of closet

BEFORE: Second Bedroom

AFTER: Second Bedroom

What was done: Carpet removed, floor refinished, new ceiling, wall moved, everything painted, including furniture
Still to do: Paint radiator

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

AFTER: Master Bedroom

What was done: Carpet removed, new ceiling, floor refinished, closet partition removed and rebuilt, everything painted
Still to do: Paint radiator, new bedroom furniture

 BEFORE: Upstairs Bathroom

AFTER: Upstairs Bathroom

What was done: Everything ripped apart, wall moved over, radiator moved, window removed and replaced with door, new fixtures, subfloor installed, ventilation duct installed, shower tiled, new flooring, everything painted, balcony railing replaced.
Still needs done: Radiator painted, trim painted, balcony painted, lighting installed on balcony

So uh.....that's it! Quite a difference! TJ and I have also decided that we are definitely not photoshoot stagers. I felt bad, because I all of the house blogs I read have gorgeous photography and there's definitely a higher caliber of "after" photos. However, for a pair of amateurs who don't know how to use a camera, I'd say we weren't too awful. Maybe on our 2 year anniversary we'll try again and see if we got any better. At least Ru seemed to know what she was doing...

Look at that posing!

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  1. that is an incredible transformation, what a gorgeous house. This post has done what any good home-renovation article should -i got up off the sofa, looked around the room and scratched my chin, wondering what i could do to my boring living room :D well done guys. teej, you should do this for a living - beats lab work any day!