Thursday, October 18, 2012

TJ's First Blog Post!

Well, it's been a big week at the aul' house. A lot of the serious work is done or almost done, and we're into the home stretch in a few spots.

On Tuesday, the flooring guys called in to put down our vinyl through a lot of the downstairs rooms. Kitchen, half bath and the back hall and laundry now have nice new floors and look a lot better. Well, maybe not the back hall, it still needs a serious going over. Anyway, here's a wee look at the stuff we picked. Not half bad lookin', is it?

We also collected the nice sink we chose for the kitchen, and threw it in there to see how it looked. Awesome. That's how.

Thanks to a wee drop o' precipitation, we also got a visit from some professional house-fixer-uppers, who plastered a couple of rooms with this handsome wainscotting:

IHQ (Immense House Quotient) increased by over a thousand!

Once those panels were up, we got the aul' skirtin' boards back on and gave them a lick o' primer. We finally found an off-white we really liked for the top coat, which is a relief cos we have a ton of skirting boards, door and window trim, doors and assorted other decorative features needing spruced up.

"Ach", we thought, "sure while we're at it, maybe we'll do a full room of paint..." So we threw some colour on the kitchen walls. 

First we tested it. 

The foreman was delighted. He joined in too, slapping some waterproof coating around the shower stall. 

And we got a wee set-tub/cabinet jobbie for the laundry room. This will be in beside the washing machine and dryer.

Today, we got a nice delivery...our kitchen cabinets were installed! White cupboards, slate counter. Pahrful lookin'. Time to order some appliances to fill the gaps methinks. The kitchen is coming along nicely.

Oh, and on top of all that, the plumbers called in to stick the half-bath back together so we have running water again! We've returned to the 21st century. I told you, big week!

So all in all, a lot of progress but still a lot of hard work to be done. Lots of wallspace to get paint on, miles of thon skirting board and trim to do, but we're well on track towards being able to move in.

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  1. granny smith apple green, how beautiful!!! what a fantastic choice you made, it is bright AND birdshell hued!!