Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In a few words...

The last week has been a little overwhelming with the start of school and the continuing house renovations, as well as dealing with colds and physiotherapy, so the blog has been put on the back burner. We made it there last weekend, and spent Saturday and Sunday putting up new ceilings in the upstairs hallway and 2 smaller bedrooms. The electricians have moved to the main floor and should be done in a few days. Thank goodness for updated electrical wiring, even if it does mean I have to get rid of my fun 1920's style light switches! Our seam filler has also moved down to the main level, which is pretty exciting to see. There's a lot of cracks in this old house and he's doing a fantastic job. I'm becoming more and more confident that the house won't fall in on us while we sleep at night.

Shane and his crew put new ceilings in the living room, den, downstairs hallway, kitchen and dining room, and also ripped out the plaster and old insulation (what little there was....) in the kitchen. It's been restuffed with fluffier, bright pink insulation and sheetrock is going up as well. They also ripped up the kitchen floor. We had seen a small glimpse of hardwood and were pretty hopeful that it would continue through the whole kitchen. Sadly, there was a big piece of softwood right in the middle, so our hardwood kitchen floor is out of the picture. Tile it is! On the topic of floors though, our floor guy is ready to start the sanding of the upstairs, living room/den, hallway and sunporch. The plumber is also due back to put in the bathtub.

We're turning corners, then taking a few steps back, then turning more corners. There's good days and bad days, surprises and SURPRISES (hello, leak in reading room!), but everything is really starting to come together. Our goal is to get the house to a stage where we can at least move in, and then continue doing little projects here and there. My personal goal is to survive until October 26, at which point my teaching contract is up and I will be able to put a little more focus into the house. Apologies for no pictures in this update, my enthusiasm/energy levels are running low! Hopefully a good old fashioned lie in on the weekend will re-energize me - early mornings are becoming more difficult every school year!


  1. It is going to be amazing... so much better than a cookie cutter new house!

  2. I love the updates, Vic! Keep them coming, but don't stress about them, I just love to hear your news when you have time to sit and report.

    New homes are both exhausting and energizing, and I an super excited for you and TJ to have your first night in your own home with pillows, duvets, and that sense of "mine".

  3. Old fashioned lie-in!! On the weekend!! That's when we have to go and sweep up and throw out!!