Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Blogging

My plans of catching up and staying ahead of the blogging game have failed miserably, and I'm only at the second day of the school. The kids haven't even arrived yet! It's Wednesday morning and I'm up early to give a short update before heading back in for a full day of PD before putting the final touches on my room and crossing my fingers that everything goes smoothly when the kids show up tomorrow.

We went up to the house last night - I hadn't done much work lately, although TJ has been there organizing the shed and cleaning up. It's getting to the point where I feel like there's not a whole lot I can do besides clean up after everything. The seam filler started yesterday. I thought the walls looked like they were in pretty good shape - aside from a few massive cracks, everything else looked good.

Apparently I don't know a whole lot about walls.

I'm sure it's not as bad as it looks.

Upon closer inspection, someone else had been there recently:

I forgot to take a picture, but Thomas had helped put up a new ceiling and a new wall section in the master bedroom - I'll get some pictures tonight.

After looking around upstairs and realizing I had no idea what I could or could not clean up (tools everywhere....pieces of wood and gyprock inability to distinguish between what is useful and what is junk made this task impossible) we decided to finish taking the paneling off of the kitchen walls. There was a layer of plastic tile and then a layer of wainscotting, then a layer of nailed on boards, then a layer of my favourite - horse hair plaster.  No wonder I'm sneezing constantly. Between the cat hair and horse hair, it's a miracle I'm alive. I also made a stop at the pharmacy to pick up some allergy pills. Anyway, I toughed it out and the panels are now completely off in the kitchen, ready for gyprock and someday, cupboards!

When I said toughed it out, I was serious. Look at that face. Look at those crowbars! 

After the kitchen, TJ finished stripping the wallpaper from the small bedroom and I started on the back hallway, taking wallpaper off of the CEILING. No idea why it was necessary to wallpaper the ceiling at one point....please let there be no surprises, please no surprises....this has become my mantra every time we take off another layer of house...

Today after school I'm off to look at bathroom fixtures, then most likely it's going to be wallpaper time again. Hopefully the wallpaper gods will smile down once more and the ceiling paper will come off just as easily as the rest....


  1. Love the updates, and am particularly liking the hardwood flooring in the bedroom!

  2. Just softwood actually, but we're going to sand it down and put on a light stain!