Monday, September 17, 2012

Paint Colour Problems

As it turns out, I have no talent at picking paint colours. I can only seem to pick out variations of the same shade of blue/green. The house is going to look like a piece of seaglass. I think where I'm going wrong is that I'm trying to think of the entire house at once instead of focusing on one room at a time, so tonight I'm trying to just focus on the kitchen.

We don't have a lot of wall space in the kitchen. What we do have is going to be covered by cabinets and wainscotting, so any wall space where you can actually see paint is going to be either really small, or really high. I originally leaned towards yellow. I don't know if I've spent a lot of time in yellow kitchens or what, but I was having a hard time imagining anything else in a kitchen besides yellow. I did see a really nice red kitchen once, but I don't think a red kitchen would fit in with the rest of the colour scheme of the house, which I've been describing as "vintage birdsnest" in my mind. Don't tell TJ. Actually, I think he reads the blog. Whoops. Um, surprise! My plan is to paint our house in vintage birdsnest colours! Think blues and greens and beiges...

Anyway, tonight I actually moved away from yellows and started to go towards sage green. Our cabinets are all white and we're looking at a darker countertop with dark hardware. We'd been thinking of a sort of sandstone dusted tile, but I think our minds may have been switched to more of a grey stone look. We're going by the following pictures for inspiration.

I love the white subway tile in this one:

Most of those pictures have wooden floors (which our floor guy is still convinced we could have), but this last one is more like what we're thinking of. Our cabinets will have the same look as the ones in the picture above as well.

And this picture, just to show how we're going to blend the cabinets into the giant kitchen window: with an arch! How brilliant.

We don't have any glass doors on the cabinets, but we will have two open areas to display some pottery/store cookbooks. We've also bought a really neat sink that we're hoping will help create somewhat of a farmhouse/vintage feel:

We haven't bought the faucet yet, but we're trying to find one similar to the one in the picture that we like. The sink is really deep, which I love, and it will look fantastic set against a darker countertop.

So what are peoples thoughts? Green kitchen? Yellow kitchen? Please don't suggest blue/green seaglass kitchen, I've already talked myself out of that! Blue/green seaglass has been reserved for every other room in the house, sorry!


  1. my two cents: since you are not going to have a lot of wall visible, choose a colour that will pop. Something bright, happy and that pops against the darker countertop. I'd say either


    a kitchen should be happy and warm!

  2. I really like the all white...backsplash tiles and white up to ceiling. You could do one small wall or a door wall with a colour from the countertop or follor tiles....lotsa white gives such a clean fresh felling and you colour comes from accessories or light fixture or chairs and table/rugs....

  3. I agree. Pick up a colour from the counter (granite?) We had cherry cabinets in our old kitchen with an almost clear stain, and it popped the rich gold brown in the granite (ubatuba) So if there is a bright warm colur in the granite, it will tie everything together.

  4. here's my favourite site's (benjaminmoore!) colour shading for the orange range.

    and if sage green range s really close to your heart these days, they have a lovely range for that too! I particularly like cedar grove and apple blossom