Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day Weekend

No rest for us, we keep working through the Labour Day Weekend! It's hard to keep track of all the work that's being done at the moment. The entire family has been pitching in and little (and big!) jobs are being done all over the house.

Thomas came over to the island and quickly demonstrated the proper stances for one who is renovating:

First: the lean
Second: the "check for stability" (aka: shake things and see if they fall apart)
Third: the pants slip

Mum also showed up in proper house attire. Her cat allergy is even worse than mine and necessary precautions must be made:

Dad showed up and continued his kitchen renovation. All of the cupboards are out and the end result looks pretty good (click to see bigger pictures):

The cupboards are all ripped out now, and the walls are ready for gyprock. We found a few different layers, including wainscotting (both painted and varnished wood), plastic tile, this funny cherry print border, and of course, more hardwood! It's in pretty rough shape and needs a good sanding and varnishing, but we will most likely be covering it up for now. Maybe some day down the road!

The porch sink finally came out as well. Whoever put it in must have been the same person who put in the carpet tacks and glued the floor in the master bedroom, because it did not want to come out.

This was a 3 person job being to stand around and watch, of course.

Shane also came and finished ripping up the bathroom floor:

All of the new plumbing lines have been put in place...instead of lead pipes, we now have plastic. They look very clean. Shane, Thomas, dad and TJ then put down new insulation and a new bathroom floor in preparation of the plumber coming back to install the bathtub and new fixtures...which we do not have just yet. Oops. Better get that sorted out.

Shane has a knack for finding things that have been hidden in houses, his most recent being an old bone. It turned out to be real, but not creepy because it had been donated to science and was just part of a lab skeleton or something. Anyway, this is what he found in our house under the bathroom floorboards:

White Horse Distilleres Scotch. I did a little searching online and found out that if this bottle had of been full, it would be worth a little money! Sadly, whoever hid it there was a lush and the entire thing had been drained. It most likely would have been made around the 1920s or 1930s as it has a screw top, which wasn't put into production until 1924. Anyway, kind of a funny thing to find!

As of today, the new bathroom floor is down, the outer part of the bathroom walls have been gyprocked, and the ceiling in the master bedroom has been gyprocked as well. Things are starting to look a little bit better. Hopefully this week the electricians will be able to finish up and the seam filling will start. I'm really looking forward to having the seam filling completed as then we can really start to clean the house from top to bottom!

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  1. Instead of having a magical barn, you have a magical thing you know, you'll be pulling furniture that you can refinish out from under the floorboards:)